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Coach's Awards & Recognition


Award Chair:

Kim Gaskin:

Deadline: February 15th of current year

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Congratulations to the 2023 Coach's Award Winners! 


The Jayne Shalkowski
"Leave a Legacy" 
Coach of the Year Award 

Jayne Shalkowski was a Guidance Counselor and Cheerleading Coach at Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel, New Jersey for 40 years. She began coaching at SJV in 1979 and went on to coach the college team at Montclair State University beginning in 2008. The name Jayne Shalkowski is synonymous in New Jersey with cheerleading excellence. Not just for competitive teams and State and National Championships, but for sportsmanship. Jayne brought class, honor, and friendship to the sport of Cheerleading.
Jayne began her career when competition cheering was in its infancy. In those days, coaches relied on one another implicitly to get things off the ground. There were no “rules”, competitions, or camps. As the sport grew and the industry began, Jayne was on the forefront and her teams led the way. Other coaches would seek her out. Jayne was always available with her wisdom, great sense of humor and infectious smile. This coaches award is in honor of Jayne’s passion commitment and dedication, as well as her desire to always move every individual cheerleader in a forward direction. A tough competitor, she was nonetheless, a friend to all.



Pat Depalma:

A candidate will be chosen from the Coach's Award Nominees

The successful candidate will possess each of the following qualities:

  • Be a member in good standing of the New Jersey Cheerleading and Dance Coaches Association

  • Be an active coach for a minimum of 7 or more years in a New Jersey High School

  • Possess an established reputation within the cheerleading/dance community for excellence in coaching

  • Promote good sportsmanship throughout the community

  • Lead by example within the New Jersey cheer community

  • Selection Process.

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