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Scholarship Application Process

Scholarship Director: Judy Gilberti
Co-Director: Nick Gregory

The scholarship application is 13 pages long.  It includes the Scholarship/Academic Information (School Counselor), Photo Release (Parent & Student), and Coach Evaluation (Coach - Confidential Information).


The postmark deadline is DECEMBER 15.  Please make sure to WAIVE THE SIGNATURE! Separate mailings will be accepted for up to 10 days later but must include the  DECEMBER 15  postmark deadline.  The adjudicators will receive the applications for review on January 2nd, and will score throughout the month of January. Applicants will be notified by MAIL as to whether or not they have received a scholarship at the end of March. A celebratory brunch will be held in the spring. 

Please carefully read through the entire application - ALL 5 FORMS - before you begin. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All 5 forms are posted in both Word and PDF for easier printing and/or editing purposes.

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