All-State Cheer & Dance Team



Attention all cheerleaders & dancers graduating in 2021! Tryout for the

2020-2021 NJCDCA All-State Cheer & Dance Team

Your All State package must be postmarked/uploaded no later thanDecember 5, 2020


  • All participants on the All-State Team must be on a high school varsity cheerleading / dance team.
  • Your school must be a member of the NJCDCA. If you are unsure of your school's status, please visit the Membership page.


Complete an application form.

Write a brief, cheerleading or dance biography (not an essay), which must be signed by your coach. The biography should be no more than one page and should be attached to your All State Team Application Form and Photo Release. If you are a cheerleader; it must include your stunting ability.


Be a Senior in good standing.

The application form must be signed by a school administrator or athletic director and your coach confirming that you are in good academic standing.


Upload your private video to your You Tube account

that is no longer than three (3) minutes. Be sure that the video contains all of the required elements. When creating the video, candidates should wear a T-shirt, and shorts. Do NOT wear a school uniform or anything that will identify your school. 


Since you are sending via YouTube account, please email the link and any necessary codes/ acknowledgements to view to JoAnne Poppe at the email below.

Be sure your link is confidential and NOT a public video.

Be sure to include your name in the email.


The video/ link must be time-stamped/ uploaded no later than

December 5, 2020.


Send the application form with a check for $30 (payable to NJCCA) to:

JoAnne Poppe

2037 Lakeside Drive West

Highland Lakes, NJ 07422


If you are overnighting, please WAIVE THE SIGNATURE.



The fee is to cover the expenses of the selection of the All-State Team. An independent panel of judges will make final selection of the All-State Team.

Applicants will be notified by mail in the fall of 2020 as to whether or not they have made the team. The team may be formally presented at the NJCDCA Cheer and Dance State Championships in 2021 per CDC, state and local guidelines regarding Covid-19. An alternate video presentation made be substituted for this.



Helpful hints for making the team:

  • NEW  - for 2020  - In submitting your video PLEASE Be mindful of safety in all aspects of the your creation of your video!  We are aware that you may not be able to be in your school or gym to complete your submission.  Submission of a previously recorded tumbling pass where you are easily identifiable is acceptable.
  • For all skills demonstrated, show the highest level of difficulty that can be well executed. For example, a well-executed toe touch jump is better than a poorly done pike jump.
  • Use good motion technique.
  • Voice, expression, inflection, and volume count.  Make sure if you are outside, that you can be heard! Be aware of background noise.
  • Make sure the video is clean. If there are mistakes, DO IT OVER!
  • Appearance isn’t scored, but please be neat. Make your best impression!
  • Applicants from the same school should submit individual material.


The video should include:

(Please refer to Helpful Hints below)


Cheer - not a sideline (no longer than 30 seconds)
Gymnastics - minimum of a standing back handspring and/or tumbling pass
Dance - (four - eight counts)
Jumps - a single toe touch and a combination jump that may include standing tumbling


Chant or sidelines with arm motions, no stunts (no longer than 15 seconds)
Gymnastics - minimum of a standing back handspring and/or tumbling pass
Partner stunting - individual stunts or a stunt sequence with or without music. No more than 30 seconds. (Please use a spotter.)
Jumps- a single toe touch and a combination jump that may include standing tumbling



Jazz & Pom Technique -
Full Split - (left and right)
Leap - (Grand Jette)
Kick - (Fan or Hitch)
Jump - (i.e. toe touch)
Double turn/Pirouette
Techniques are to be demonstrated separately; not incorporated into the 6-8 count dance.
Hip Hop Technique- Must demonstrate street and hip hop dance skills; i.e. popping, locking, etc.
All Styles of Dance - Six - eight counts to music demonstrating jazz, pom or hip hop skills


All demo requirements are minimums; a higher degree of difficulty in each area may be substituted as long as it can be safely and responsibly performed by the applicant.





Click here for All State Team Application


Click here for Photo Release



PLEASE NOTE: NJCDCA from time to time produces promotional material relating to its programs. As a participant and/or a spectator at the Event, teams or individuals may be included in videotapes, photographs, DVD’s, and video casts taken during the Event to be used for promotional and commercial purposes.






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